Change Doesn't Have to Be Hard

It’s Okay to Leave Your Forever Home

Is your home more difficult to get around in?

Has your neighborhood become too expensive?

Do you feel less safe being at home?

MCM Senior Solutions is a service designed to solve these issues by helping you sell your home and find somewhere you love just as much.

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MCM Senior Guidance Network is a team of professionals working together to help Senior Citizens make well-informed decisions on their next steps.

For senior individuals the equity in your home is often your single largest source of wealth. Deciding whether to keep your home, use a portion of your equity, or sell completely can become a long and difficult process.

MCM Senior Solutions maintains relationships with attorneys, managed care communities, and Medicare specialists who can answer your questions and give you the peace of mind you need for your next adventure in life.

The MCM Senior Solutions Advantage

Decades of Trust

You’re in Control

Your Equity, Today

For three decades MCM Real Estate services has been a trusted partner for Realtors and homeowners wanting a flexible and no hassle way to sell their home.

If you are at a stage where you may want to sell your home let us help you! Give us a call and our Senior Solutions Specialist will come and take a look at your property. Offers are typically ready within 24-48 hours and we can close as quickly as 2 weeks. Our offers are always obligation free with flexible options including leaseback and a closing that fits your timeline.

Stories of Sucess

“After my mother fell and hurt herself we realized she wasn’t safe to be alone. A case worker from the hospital introduced us to MCM Senior Solutions as someone who would give her home a fair look and offer. They did, and the money helped us to pay for an assisted living facility where mom could live more safely.”

-Daughter of a Client in Her 70’s-

“When my husband died I didn’t feel comfortable staying alone at our house anymore and wanted to find a neighborhood built for people my age. There were some issues- he didn’t have a will and there were kids from his first marriage so I couldn’t just sell the home without dealing with that first. MCM Senior Solutions did it for me and covered all the costs to determine the rightful heirs so I could move on.”

-Senior Client in Her 70’s-

“Vanessa and the team at MCM Senior Solutions were a tremendous help to my Father when he had to move to a Senior community out of state. Dad loved his house but we needed the money and there was just too much that needed to be done. Senior Solutions offered us a quick sale and we didn’t have to do anything. Best of all they encouraged us to take our time moving Dad so he wouldn’t feel rushed.”

-Adult Son & Father-

A Team Working For You

Helping Seniors make the best decisions is personal for me. Several years ago my mother, who had been battling cancer for 6 long years, ended up in the hospital after a stroke. Adding to the devastation was the reality that she could never go back home and would instead have to find a specialized rehab facility. It fell on me as the only child to navigate the maze of options, paperwork, and possibilities to find the very best care at a price we could afford. I was completely at a loss on where to begin and every day wished for someone I could call to guide us through all the unknowns.

Today as a Senior Solutions Specialist I’m using the knowledge learned from that experience to help senior citizens figure out their next steps in life. Let me know how I can help!

Vanessa Hernandez

Senior Solutions Specialist

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We work alongside placement agencies, senior living centers, and Realtors in order to provide the very best options for your clients. If you’d like another option to offer families in transition we’d love to meet and discuss our services.